AC Switch turns off after an hour or two

Hi! I bought the smart home kit about a year ago. I then noticed that the AC Switch turns off by itself after a while. I posted a message here on this forum, and got a response that there will be a new AC Switch in 2015 that will not turn off by itself. Has this been fixed yet?

Hi @dnakoni! Thanks for following up on this question. :slight_smile: The AC Switch turns off after 90 minutes as a safety feature. As to the prospect of a newly designed AC Switch - this is something littleBits is still working on.

I’m following up on this again! It’s been a year and still nothing. Will the new AC Switch ever be released?

Hi @dnakoni. We still do not have firm plans to release but I will share your request with the team. Would you like to share pictures of how you are using littleBits in your decorations? We’d love to see! :christmas_tree: :stars: