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As the littleBits community continues to grow around the world, we’re seeing many littleBits materials being translated into other languages. THIS is so cool… and we’re in awe of what you’re doing! In the spirit of openness, sharing material and to help gather organize everything in one place, please use this forum category to share your translations.


Last year I translated (to the best of my ability) some bits into Spanish. Link to word doc is: http://paultreadwell.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/LITTLEBITS-IN-SPANISH-2.docx

I’d be more than happy to have this critiqued, corrected and expanded.It’s only a few bits but the doc served the purpose and got us up and running.



Great stuff @ptreadwell! I know we have a lot of Spanish speaking community members who might be willing to look through it. Top of mind: @Abraxas, @leo, @maria_renard, @alexmarket, @Tekislab

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Hi @ptreadwell
As @nickweinberg is saying, we’ve got almost finished our translations of all the kit’s manuals :smile:
We’ll be uploading them asap, just after littleBits give us the ok!
Besta, Maria from Chile!

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@maria_renard feel free to upload them to this forum channel!!


Hello @maria_renard deseando ver tu trabajo! ¿Puedo utilizar sus traducciones este enero cuando estoy en Nicaragua?

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Thanks for calling @nickweinberg :slight_smile: and HOLA paul

A couple of years ago, I helped translating Best Practices for Open-Source Hardware, and faced the challenge to agree in a “stardard” use of Spanish in a digital technology context.

That being said, I don’t know if what I naturally translate into my Argentine Spanish would sound “correct” to someone in Nicaragua, or even Chile (or even other parts of Argentina).

And littleBits written material is awesome! Even at the level of hardware itself. In my opinion, it’s because of the design of style that makes you feel you could become a rockstar rather than you’re “incorporating cold and formal engineering knowledge”.

That’s why I feel it would be best for each community to have its own words to describe the modules and categories.

Of course, I trust that @maria_renard’s translations will be great and we’ll use them as well, but I would encourage to find our own ways to call things, and develop our own “maker language” in whatever place in the world we are :earth_africa:


Thanks to Philippe Druez @iPhD, we have this Flemish Translation of an Educator’s Guide. :smile:

Hola Maria! eres mi esperanza! i live in NYC and have bought the base kit to my nephews for this Christmas BUT I need to find them the translated version of the booklet or they might abandon the project! :smiley: Do you know where i can find the base kit booklet translated?

Abrazos a Chile!


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Hola Marta!
Cuenta con ello. Los tenemos listos, solo nos falta revisar algunos detalles.
En estos momentos estoy fuera de Chile, pero regreso ya el 10 de diciembre para poder revisarlo y enviártelo.
Mándame tu mail y ahí te lo hago llegar. El mío es mrenard@dis-play.cl
Abrazo de vuelta!

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Por supuesto! Apenas los revisemos los subo para que los puedan utilizar. Hemos estado viajando mucho, por lo que todavía no hemos podido darles la última mirada.
En diciembre sí o sí los dejamos subidos!
Perdona la demora en mi respuesta :frowning: ahora ya estaré más pendiente!

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Hi guys!
Here´s the final version of Base Kit in SPANISH!


We´ll be uploading the rest VERY soon.

Best to all the spanish community!!!

cc @leo


@nickweinberg @jordi_littleBits I´ll be sending you also the indesigns, so you can keep them :smile:

Holy cow!! What an amazing project @maria_renard. @Martimott, @leo, @Abraxas, @Tekislab, @Iva, @mariaSolsticio, @valelrt, @alexmarket

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Dear all,

This year I bought the Space Kit for my nephew, a 12-year-old who mainly speaks Dutch, English is still a bit difficult. I decided to translate the booklet that came with the kit so he could go ahead and do the projects by himself. So in case you’d like this Dutch version of the booklet, it’s available for download via this link:

Had to use a few different fonts, but the lay-out is mostly the same. Also, I didn’t translate the warning page, and a few others; just the ones my nephew needed to get the projects working by himself :wink:


Hallo @cccharl0tte,
Dankuwel voor de vertaling !

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graag gedaan!
:+1: :bitstar:

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Great work @cccharl0tte :smile:

I don’t understand Dutch but it looks really neat. Thanks for sharing!

PS: I’m moving your topic to Translated Material category. I hope you don’t mind :smile:

Bitcards translated into Spanish from a Bitster in Bogotá, Colombia. :smile: Thanks for sharing!

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Here it is, the missing link for Spanish Base Kit

We´ll be soon uploading the other kits!
Best to all,