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Here is where you can ask troubleshooting questions for the Korg Synth Kit. Rock on!

Will the announced CV Module use V/oct or Hz/V ?

I found the answer in this picture:

I think this will be great. Controlling both Moog Werkstatt and Korg MS-20 with one device :slight_smile:

Why do you not have a VCA module?

Hi janmelin,

We don’t just yet, but we’re always looking for new ideas! I’ll be sure to share this with the product team so they know this is something you’d like to see.

On my wishlist: A lag processor (or portamento bit).

The obvious use of this would be to put it after the keyboard bit, but before an oscillator, with a knob that controls the amount of pitch glide. But it could also be slotted in after a noise module set to random voltage … with the same pitch glide between random pulses.

If you guys made this, I would buy it in an instant, I have been aching for a decent portamento analog synth for years! :slight_smile:

Can I strip one of the connecter wire bits and make a proper output jack? I don’t always need the speaker and I find it much more fragile than the other bits. BTW Love littlebits!

Yes you can. The middle wire is the signal in or out, the red is ground and the white is 5v.