A littlebits puzzle

Ready for another puzzle ?
Guess the circuit to obtain this special blinking led.
Here are a few hints :sunny:

  • 2 wire bits were used

  • 1 logic gate was used

  • no arduino bit ( this would be cheating, wouldn’t it ? ) :grinning:
    blinking LED

Cool idea, @frankje. Can we know how many Bits altogether were used or would that be too much information?

All together, 10 bits were used including the wire bits and to give one more clue , an exclusive or bit was used as the logic gate.


I’m not sure what you did, but here’s my attempt:

Hi @JackANDJude
It’s blinking for sure, but I think it’s not quite the same .
Can you provide your setup scheme ?
The solution is lurking around the corner …

I have no XOR bit…
But this one is an alternative solution I think…
power-split wire-NOR bit with a pulse bit on each input-inverter on the output–RGB led.
. the output of the NOR bit does not trigger the led bit, it needs an inverter to trigger…
. it needs fiddeling with the pulse bits for ages to get the right result.
. it is a great method to learn more about the logic bits…

I had this circuit of 7 bits:
Power + split

  • pulse + XOR

  • micro sequencer + the XOR

  • wire + rgb led

I feel like I could get it right with this circuit by fixing the timing. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking? :sunny:

Hi @JackANDJude and @alexpikkert
No need to fiddle settings to achieve the correct blinking sequence.
If you look carefully, you’ll notice a logic pattern :wink:

Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Clock. H. L. H. L. H. L. H. L
OUT. H. L. H. H. L. H. L. L

OK these are the bits used, up to you to connect them accordingly :yum:

Wire, wire, power, LED, fork, pulse, latch, xor, inverter, latch
Happy puzzling !

And oh @alexpikkert, indeed, when you don’t have the XOR, it a true challenge to obtain the same blinking sequence.
An alternative is to use 5 Nand gates as pictured
Or the arduino after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congrats @JackANDJude
I think you found the solution :grinning:
The setup I choose differs, but the result is the same !
Try this circuit to check if I’m correct :blush:

Power - pulse - fork - inverter - latch - latch - xor
- wire from 2nd branch of fork - xor
Output of xor to led via wire

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