555-556 Atari Punk Console on a Protoboard....?

I have a vague notion to use the proto-board, included in the HDK, as a platform for an Atari Punk Console (APC).

I’ve built 4 APC’s, 3 from kits, one all my own work.
My last kit build ended up as an EDP Wasp (my first and still favorite synth) tribute I called ‘The Mozzie’

All my APCs are built on the 556 circuit, have 2 CV inputs, an internal speaker, and line out.

A bit version shouldn’t need to be as ‘featured’ as mine…

Anybody got any thoughts on this?

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Looks cool Outa!

Have you got a schematic for this device?

Not exactly…:flushed:
I have a screen shot for the kits:

I have the component values for this kit, but any APC schematic usually lists the necessary components.

I also have a tatty cope of the circuit that I used for reference as I did my own version, but it needs a bit of cleaning up, or at least my additional scribbled notes do.

I’ll find the site it came from at post it in this thread.

I may be some time…


Cool! I’m looking forward to seeing your new bit! Ah luvs dem noyzmakrz.

Here are a couple of schematics.
The first is dual 555, the second, the version I used, is a 556.

I still haven’t located my ‘working’ version which includes the CV inputs.

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‘Unique’ is how I’d probably describe the sound.:wink:

First thing that attracts my attention is 9v.

Hi @Outaspaceman,
Is there a way you can send an mp3 file with the ‘Unique’ sound ? I wonder how it sounds… :notes: (maybe via dropbox ?)


I have some vids on my YouTube Channel, but I generally don’t keep any recorded material.


OK, thanks, I will take a look and listen…

This is probably the one that demonstrates the ‘sound’ best and shows it running with the Korg SQ-1

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I have had some more thoughts on this particular project…

What I am attempting to achieve is to fit a 556 timer chip to the HDK ProtoBoard.
Is an APC the best use of such a useful ‘facility’?

In short… What possibilies does a 556 timer present us with and how could it best be utilized in conjunction with the rest of the LittleBits range?


Thanks for starting this thread, @outaspaceman!

It might be worth testing it as two modules with breadboards and protobits.
The resistor values could probably be brought down some, since we’re in a 5v system.

Here’s one of my favorite Instructible’s for inspiration: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Go-Postal/

Quiz time, everybody! Think of 3 littleBits modules that use the 555 chip! :smile:

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Downtown circuitry? :wink:

:sweat_smile: 2 are fairly easy. The third, you need to consider what it does. :blush:

Quiz time:
47 answers… :scream:
Many could be used, the only update should be the use of 5 volt instead of 12 volt…

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28 answers in leisure reading from my youth:

(ps, you can still get it in expanded form, called Timer, Op Amp & Optoelectronic Circuits & Projects.)

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Hi everyone :smile: I made a force-light-controlled 555 oscillator http://littlebits.cc/projects/fco

I hope you like it :notes:


I just found this post and i wanted to share this in case any one wants to build an atari punk console as a littlebits module
I build this one :

I was looking for a way to integrate the circuit with the synth kit modules and I found this schematics http://fritzing.org/projects/atari-punk-console-with-cv-inpus
Now the APConsole is able to receive signals from other bits by connecting pins 3 and 11 (in the 556 IC) to the signal path.

Here are some of the sounds it makes alone and with a sequencer as an input



LOVE it @juancahf :slight_smile: Can you please upload as an invention to littleBits.cc/invent ? There used to be a way to include SoundCloud as embedded content on the invention uploader (not sure if there still is). Let me know if you could use help with that part of your upload. Thanks!

Hi @JackANDJude, sorry for the delay, i just uploaded the module to the invent page, thanks for the suggestion :smile: