5-pin MIDI interface for littleBits Arduino

Hi –

Just wanted to share a project with the forum.

Like other musicians, I have a few keyboards and sound modules that use the older (but not obsolete!) 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors. I want to use the littleBits Arduino module as a MIDI controller, sequencer and tone generator with this gear. In order to get started, I built a 5-pin MIDI interface and connected it to a littleBits Arduino module using two proto modules. I also tried the littleBits Arduino with a Sparkfun MIDI breakout board.

If you would like to read about the design and testing of the MIDI interface, please check out the links below. The pages have a few sketches that you might find helpful.

Thanks for sharing all of your ideas here!

– pj

5-pin MIDI IN/OUT for Arduino

MIDI sequencer: Testing your MIDI interface

littleBits Arduino MIDI interface

Connecting a MIDI shield to littleBits Arduino

Thanks for sharing, @pjd! Would you like to share your tone sequencer at littlebits.cc/invent? :slight_smile:

Hi JackANDJude –

Thanks for your suggestion. I just posted the project as a new invention:

littleBits Ardiuno Tone Sequencer

It was my first try at posting a project. The new user interface for posting an invention seemed a little easier and less buggy than the old UI. I still had a little trouble sussing out hyperlinks and how to add code files. I hope the end result is OK and complete!

All the best to ya – pj

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Oh, lovely! Thank you @pjd for uploading and for the feedback - I’ll pass along your notes to our web designers. :smile:

For bonus points, do you think you could include a video demonstration, of your Tone Sequencer? :slight_smile:

Ahhh, no extra credit for me. I’m currently β€œvideo challenged.” :smiley:

I’m extendeding the sketch to use a few of the synth modules. Once the whole thing is a little more interactive, then a video would be a good idea.

Thanks for the suggestion!

– pj