3D printed encasements survey

Hello everyone,
I’ve previously created a post regarding a project I’ve been working on for automating the creation of cases for LittleBits devices through 3D printing.
We’re now seeking more information so we’ve created a survey. We’d appreciate if you can contribute to it.
The url is: http://goo.gl/forms/LM9UKgGaxX
Thank you,

Hi, @TiagoJustino!

I would like to invite you to upload your project to littlebits.cc/invent in an open source kind of way. :slight_smile: You could make one of your cases with a littleBits circuit inside, and share pics, video and 3D printing files. Let people contact you if they want more information. Depending on the quality of your upload, you might even get featured. :smile:

For now, please take a look at our Code of Conduct. It states that you should not use this website to attempt to sell products or services.

Thank you!