3 Button based survey using cloudbits?

Hi experts,

I have a school cafe and would like to use cloudbit and IFTTT to do a simple 3 button survey - Poor, OK, Good. Each press of the button will add a row to an excel in Google docs so that data can be collected.

Isit possible for a single cloudbit to support 3 buttons and know which one was pressed? What modules would I need?



You would want the Cloudbit to see one of 4 voltages on its input, say 0 volt for no button presses, 1 volt = poor, 2 volt = ok and 3 volt == good. So a dimmer with a pointer attached could be used to select the voltage and a button used to “Vote”

Hi @marklee :slight_smile:
I had a similar circuit in mind for my “Pizza Me” cloudBit ordering system.
@syedBits provided some resources to get me going in a cloudBit + Arduino direction. Check out our discussion, here: Ordering Pizza with cloudBit

Hey @marklee, you can certainly get input amounts in a trigger. I believe you won’t have to chain any ifttt recipes. That being said you’ll have to sort through them yourself on the doc side or have a macro/function in your doc to make the differentinput values (like above 0 => nothing , 10 => poor, 20 => ok, 30 => good ) into meaningful data. Each row will have this info {{TurnedOnAt}} ||| {{DeviceName}} ||| {{PowerPercent}}

To get the the buttons to give you variable input values just attach a dimmer before each button and set it the value you want.

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Hi Syed ( @sssyed ),

I tried something like this and found that input values less than 78 did not trigger the recipe. This will still let the scheme work, but it’s more like 78-85 => poor, 86-92 => ok, and 93-100 => good.

Any number less than 78 just does not run the recipe, and no data is recorded.

@chris101 That’s super interesting! I wonder why it’s 78, really curious. I’ll test this out when I get a moment. Thanks for heads up!


I recall reading somewhere (I’ve been reading all over the place on this topic for the last few weeks - ever since getting my cloud Bit) that it takes ‘about 4 volts’ for the IFTTT cloudBit trigger. I’m pretty sure that’s an IFTTT thing, not a cloudBit thing.