2015 Community Hall of Fame Projects

#2015 Community Hall of Fame Projects

What inspired YOU in 2015?

We’re finishing 2015 with our biggest design challenge yet! As we look forward to blasting off into the Bitosphere with all our #Bitwars themed projects, let’s chat with the people and projects that have inspired us in 2015 (technically a year starting in Dec, 2014).

If I mention your name, please take a bow (ahem, say “hi”). We’d love to hear about how you are doing recently and what’s going on with you. Can you tell us about your next project! Pssst — what are you making for the #Bitwars contest?

Finally, everyone, let’s toss some ideas around about how the Community can more directly select the weekly Community Hall of Fame projects. Should it be done with hearts and comments on the project page? Should Bitsters nominate projects here on the forum? What are your ideas? Comment below! :slight_smile:

OK, let’s start the review and chat about projects & ideas! :smile:

December, 2014

Scent-imental Notification System, by Paige Russell

Holiday Wreath by sussesonderby

Cardboard Hedgehog by Tanaka Satoshi

3D Printer Sends Text Message by elproducts

January, 2015

littleBits Express by @Joey Wilson

Butterbot by @Milind Sonavane

Interactive-t-shirt by @ValentinaC

Quiet Time Machine by @TomBalzamo

February, 2015

Basic Color Instrument by @JackANDJude

A littleBit of Money by @AlexPikkert

Jak the Magic Dragon by RayGeekNYC

Toilet Seat Alarm by @TimCox

Hi Jude @JackANDJude,
First I’ll take a bow :smile:

I am still very enthousiastic about Littlebits, I really love working on your challenging projects and sharing my knowledge on the forum… This year it became one of my prime hobbies. :joy:
It is so easy to add technology to anything using littlebits and it always results in so many wonderful constructions.
As you have seen I made a hybrid lost-in-space Darth Vader for the Bitwars contest…

For 2016 I am thinking about the following project ideas:
. a music instrument with strings and percussion using the synth bits
. make funny unexpected sounds with the synth bits
. a mysterious marble machine using a lot of small steel marbles
. sensors for various applications. I recently purchased an Arduino sensor addition set so experimenting becomes very easy.
. a laser light picture painting machine
. a droplet photographing setup with laser light
. NFC integration
. using an LCD character screen
. applications for the AC power switch (EU version)
. find an application for the sequencer
:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

I think the selection of projects for the hall of fame should be in the hands of the littlebits team as it is. They can use their own selection criteria unbiased. :sunglasses:

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@alexpikkert NFC integration…


Hi Liza @lizabits,
With the help of six of the seven dwarfs it will be a success!
But I am not the first one thinking about NFC, Philip Verbeek submitted a bitlab project a few months ago…
I do not know what happened with it… :flushed:

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Here are mine :smile:

March, 2015

Sounding Box by MJ Caselden

little Air Boat by @Ben_1020

Counter for the Blind and Visually Impaired by @RichB
Watch Video :link:

Smart Bank by Sarah Page

Wristband #InventAnything by @BIrish03

April, 2015

The Pune Rude Food by @Milind Sonavane

The Voice Box by @Joey Wilson

The Magical Marble Sorting Machine by @AlexPikkert

Human Synth by @LizaBits

May, 2015

Iím Your Weather Caster by @doguin

littleBits + Koushion + Ableton by Chris Stack & @ExperimentalSynth

littleBits robotic arm by @FunRobotics

I have a handful of favorites as well!

June 2015

Aladdinís Lamp Cosplay Prop by itsfuninthesun

littleBits Powered Water Rocket Launching and Parachute System #shapebits by Leo Rolph

BrushR #shapebits by Bastiaan @Ekeler

Imago Wave Motion Machine Kinetic Sculpture by Ange

Remote Kitty Amuser by @Morelight

July 2015

littleBits Mass Appeal by Hans Tammen

littleBits Valencia Chapter #BitOlympics 2015 Bicycle Lazer Tag by Curiosibot @Valencia_Maker_Lab

World Time by @Chris101

Ai Dai Wan Exhalation Game #BitOlympics @ProArtisan

August 2015

UFO by emmadaley

Cookie Cupboard Alert by @Girleek

Busk Puppet by Cody Creed

Morse Code Trainer by @alexpikkert

Saltine Box Siren by @Ginger Butcher AKA echothebat

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Thanks for the mention Nick! You’ve got me in amoung some pretty creative company.

And to round out the year…a few more community favs :wink: :tada:

September, 2015

Smartify PODB (Plain Old Door Bell) by @expresso2222

Rocket Launch by @doguin

Van Gogh Sunflowers Reimagined by Matt @mphisher

October, 2015

Marbleocity Marble Machine Lap Counter by Adam @Hock

Golf O Mat by @borko_jovanovic

Super littleBits Copter Dog Cape! by Travis @macinspires

Quick, start! A quickstart project for LittleBits Arduino by @mikimer

November, 2015

Alarm Clock by lukebit

Lego Pinball Machine by John @jflottmeyer

How to Make a Star Wars BB8 Droid using littleBits by American Hacker, macobt

Beehive Prank by Magic of Rahat

Hi JackandJude
I don’t see anywhere for me to comment on my entry to takeabow. There’s no “reply” etc on my entry :frowning: Can you point me at some relevant instructions?


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Welcome to the forum @raygeeknyc! Replying to whoever mentioned you (just like you did here) is exactly how to do it! :+1::grinning:

Thanks but I want to to add a comment to your listing of my project, Jak the Magic Dragon, in this page. I don’t see anyplace for me to do that on the pic of the project. I see others have comment threads under their listing. It says in your post at the top of the page that if you mention me by name, I’ll be able to reply, but I can only reply “down here”